• During the MyPath Storytelling Workshop participants are scheduled together with others from their hometown... students with students... teachers with teachers.... and so on. The participants are with others who have been through the very same experience, creating a naturally supportive group for each Workshop.

  • The Workshop is designed in a lecture/breakout model where the students learn a story element then breakout with another student to work on the element. The Five Layers of Story philosophy is covered early on. The facilitator also tells a real life true story about an event where his/her life changed in a moment. The craft of storytelling for performance elements such as setting, characters, plot, beats and so on are also covered all through the lecture / breakout format. This process gives each participant an opportunity to look at their story objectively. As the Workshop proceeds, opportunities to share with one another and to the group as a whole are plentiful.

  • Essentially... through the crafting process, the students disassemble their story into all of its parts, then reassemble the story utilizing storytelling craft. Then, when the reconfigured story is shared with others in this safe environment, each person owns their story.... it is externalized and much reduced in its power. Each storyteller now "owns" the story instead of the story owning her/him.

  • This sensitive and careful workshop design honors that not everyone is able to take her or his story to perform on a stage with a live audience, yes... and...through participating in a shared experience... healing begins. 

As humans...

...we understand our lives through story. The internal history of our lives is a long series of stories linked together in a grand narrative. When we experience a traumatic event, the details of that story are embedded in our consciousness... minute by minute.... second by second. A traumatic event changes the grand narrative to a before and an after. That story is ours alone until we share it. The effects of PTSD is of constant replay and reinforcement of the event. We, in effect, are owned by the story. In the MyPath Workshop we work through the Layers of Story with the result that we "Own" the story and are freed from is power of over our everyday life. The Layers of Story Philosophy is intrinsic to the Mypath Workshop.

Own your story. Share it with the world. Humans crave story in all it's glory... the joy... the pain... the triumphs... the sorrow. Learn to own your story on your path.

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