Stories of Peace, Love and Laughter... Reclaim your Inner Resiliency.

This weekly two-hour hangout is a pretty unstructured place that begins each week with a short talk about one aspect of storytelling (like how to plot the arc of your story) delivered by a MyPath Facilitator. The rest of the time will be an open exchange of questions, answers, suggestions, practice storytelling or anything else you want to talk about.



We all have stories about a moment of peace or love or laughter in our lives. 

As we head into the 2020 year-end holidays, most of us are simply weary of this strange and scary year. Our emotional tanks are nearing empty and we wake up each day to wonder what will happen next. The holidays will be different than any we have ever experienced, and our cherished traditions are mostly out the window as we struggle to shape our lives to the contours of this constantly changing new reality. One thing is for sure though... we are all, day by day... every day... writing the story about our experiences during the time of this global pandemic. Our emerging stories are built on the older stories of our lives, many of which are about peace, love and laughter. We all have stories about a moment of peace or love or laughter in our lives. When we recall such moments in our lives, our bodies and minds return to the state we were in when we actually had the experience. It is in the sharing of those stories where we can find the kind of positive energy we all so desperately need to replenish our inner resiliency and counteract the negativity confronting us.






About MyPath Storyteller Workshops

MyPath Bibliotherapy Storytelling Workshops encourage and create ‘liminal’ space in the creative process of restructuring your stories into a piece of performance art. Through this process you become aware of The Five Layers of Story in a safe and supportive environment while you take ownership of your story.

Each MyPath Bibliotherapy Storytelling Workshop introduces a new layer and transforms your perspective of stories you have held frozen and unchanging since the event occurred in your past. Read on to learn more about ‘liminal’ space and available workshops then reserve your place in this transformative experience.

Workshop Details:

On a quest together, we will enter into Liminal Space... a passageway, in which, we will emerge. Similar to an artist creating a new piece of art...a painting, sculpture, poem or story... they begin uncertain of what the final output will be; yet proceeding with a vision, hope and confidence that the piece will be finished and shared with the world.

  •  Facilitated by Roger Batton, this layer of MyPath Bibliotherapy Workshop requires each participant to meet on three consecutive Tuesdays for two hours in the evening on Zoom.

  •  Participants will receive a copy of the Storytelling Workbook by mail prior to the workshop to use and keep as a reference source.

  • During your participation in Zoom, do your best to eliminate distractions in your participation space. This will allow you and others to focus on the lesson and freely interact with other participants.

  • Specific assignments for additional Zoom break-out sessions will be made at the end of each of the first two Zoom meetings. Participants will schedule a mutually agreed upon time and day for one-on-one Zoom session with a fellow participant to share story progress between group sessions.

  • A Zoom Storytelling show will be scheduled for all participants upon completion of the coursework, at which time a Certificate of Achievement will be awarded along with One (1) Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

  • Focus on authentic, first person experiences rather than pure fiction.

  • Stories are targeted for a seven-minute delivery time.

  • Be mindful when developing your story content. Hate speech, discriminatory speech about race, religion, culture, gender or identity is not allowed.

  • If at all possible, share your story with a MyPath facilitator for input before sharing with the entire group in the final meeting.

  • Participants are expected to share respectful and positive feedback within the MyPath “Holding Space Agreement".

Own your story. Share it with the world. Humans crave story in all its glory... the joy... the pain... the triumphs... the sorrow. Learn to own your story on your path.

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