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MyPath Bibliotherapy 

Certified Pathfinder Storyteller/Facilitator Process Description.

The Five Pathfinder Storytelling Workshops.

Layer One:    Earth - The Roots of My Story.

Layer Two:    Water - Finding My Inner Voice in Liminal Space.

Layer Three: Air - Open the Vault.

Layer Four:    Fire -  Free My Story.

Layer Five:     Light - My Waking Internal Narrative. I Walk My Path.  

      Certified Pathfinder Storyteller Process. 

  • Based on the Five Layers of Story Philosophy, becoming a Certified Pathfinder Storyteller requires that candidates for certification attend, participate in and complete a six-hour MyPath Pathfinder Workshop led by a Certified Pathfinder Facilitator for each of the Five Layers of Story.

  • During and after respective Pathfinder Workshops, candidates will compose and perform a story for each of the Five Layers, which (including performance) comprises at least ten hours of coursework for each Layer.

  • While each Pathfinder Storytelling Workshop focuses on a specific Layer of Story, all participants are encouraged to work on any Layer of Story they wish to during any Workshop. Thus, even though a Pathfinder Storytelling Workshop may be focused on (as an example) the Second Layer - “Finding My Inner Voice in Liminal Space”, candidates for certification may work on a story from any one of the five layers, which is completely acceptable.

  • MyPath’s process is always about the storyteller, first and foremost. Upon completion of each Pathfinder Workshop, candidates will then perform each one of their five-layer stories for a live audience or in person with a Certified Pathfinder Facilitator at which time Pathfinder Storyteller Certification for that layer will be granted.

  • Story performance may be at any venue (in person or online) chosen by the Candidate as long as the performance is either videoed or audio recorded with date and time stamp for verification.

  • Upon successful completion of each Layer of Story, each Storyteller will be awarded   a “Certificate of Achievement” and One Continuing Education Units (CEU) as, for example, a “Layer One Pathfinder Storyteller” status and so on.

  • Candidates achieving Certifications in all Five Layers of Story will have five “Certificates of Achievement” (one for each Layer of Story) and five CEU’s granted by MyPath Bibliotherapy and are eligible to apply to become a “Certified Pathfinder Storyteller”.

  • When a storyteller has completed all qualification for Pathfinder Storyteller at all five Layers of Story, then a written test will be administered to verify skills acquisition. Upon successful completion, he/she will be granted the status of a “Certified Pathfinder Storyteller” through the Pathfinder Storytelling Workshop Series.

Own your story. Share it with the world. Humans crave story in all its glory... the joy... the pain... the triumphs... the sorrow. Learn to own your story on your path.
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