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From Roger Batton, Founder:

    MyPath Bibliotherapy is a self healing practice based on insight and research into the universal nature of story in all human experience. In 2013, I wrote the first of the storytelling workshop manuals for Indigan Storyteller. Since that time Indigan conducted dozens of storytelling workshops and performance events. My research over the years led me to five countries and throughout the Midwest of the United States. In 2015 I wrote the "Five Layers of Story" philosophy which illustrates the  hidden origins of power story has in shaping the narrative of our lives. Click here  to go to the "Layers of Story" page.

     My commitment to improvement naturally led to the continuous evolution of the bibliotherapy practice. In the beginning days, Indigan was about preparing storytellers for stage performance, much like NPR's "The Moth". MyPath's process and practice still provides an educational experience for anyone simply wishing to learn storytelling craft. As time went on I realized many persons attending our workshops were grappling with significant events in their lives like births, deaths, marriage, and so on. Often, their stories centered on very traumatic or challenging events. As my research continued I began to shape the MyPath Bibliotherapy Workshops in alignment with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) principles and practices. By going through the process of shaping their stories in the workshop, practicing and ultimately sharing on stage, it became apparent many experienced a healing moment. Before going through the process it was as if they lived under that story... their recollection was so rigid because they memory-cycled through the events the same way every time and couldn't escape the outcome. During the workshop these persons deconstructed all of their story elements and revised their story so it was stage ready. By doing so, in a safe environment, they took ownership of the story, freeing them to move forward on their path in life. When stories are shared on stage, the audience always reflects back empathy and support because so many audience members have experienced very similar events.

     MyPath Bibliotherapy expands on the practice and process foundation established by Indigan Storyteller by creating healing events for entire communities where mass trauma events took place. At the same time MyPath continues to provide storytelling workshops and performances for individuals.​


Creator of MyPath

Based on his 1976 Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing/Communications from Western Michigan University, Roger found success at OakTree, Inc. as a Family Business Consultant. Starting in 2013, as Executive Producer of Indigan Storyteller, Roger developed the basis for his contributions to social emotional learning through bibliotherapy. Gaining insight from leading dozens of storytelling workshops over the years, Roger developed a philosophy called “The Five Layers of Story” in 2015. This philosophy illuminates the anthropomorphic and cultural foundations of story in our shared human experience. To deepen his insight and to validate his understanding into the universal nature of story, Roger conducted research in the United States, Ireland, Mexico, Italy, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. In 2018, Roger created MyPath Bibliotherapy, a 501c3 Public Charity. Currently his play "MyPath the Musical" is under review by the Dramatists Guild in New York.  MyPath produces Storytelling Workshops and Performances throughout the United States. For more information about Roger and MyPath Bibliotherapy please go to www.mypath.center

Julia Stauffer - C.P.A.

Board Member - MyPath Bibliotherapy

Julia is the founding partner of J A Stauffer, CPA PC.  She is responsible for financial and tax guidance for individuals and businesses.  She graduated from International Business School, Fort Wayne, IN.  Her extensive community service has been at the Goshen Hospital Board, Elkhart County Health Board and several local charitable organization in Goshen and Elkhart County. 

Stacey Garcelon - 

Board Member - MyPath Bibliotherapy

Stacey is the Founder and Director of Anam Cara – Horses Healing the Human Soul, a not-for-profit providing equine assisted psychotherapy to help people heal from trauma. Stacey received her Master’s degree in Education, Counseling and Human Services at Indiana University South Bend. She attended her first Storytelling workshop with Roger Batton in 2015, and experienced firsthand the transformative power of storytelling, from writing the narrative, “owning your story”  to performing and having your story “heard”.  Prior to founding Anam Cara, Stacey’s professional career included over 20 years of advocating for and protecting the unprotected, including Child Welfare systemic reform to the front lines of direct service Emergency Response Investigator to Manager of statewide policy and systems improvement. She has served as an Independent Ombudsman advocating for individuals living with disabilities, before becoming the Director of Quality Assurance.  Through her work and her own healing journey, Stacey found that the approaches which integrated the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual impacts of trauma proved to be the most effective and the most empowering. She sustains her own ongoing recovery by incorporating complementary healing arts modalities into her daily life. Stacey is a strong believer in the power of storytelling to empower, to transform, to build resiliency and to heal. Stacey is a current member of the American Mental Health Counselors Association, the American Counseling Association and the Indiana Counseling Association. 

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Having worked in the entertainment industry since she was barely walking, Erinn has been involved in over 300 theatrical productions nationwide, produced hundreds of events across the country, worked on board cruise ships, toured with Cirque productions, and has been seen in several TV shows and movies. 

Erinn is the creator, director and choreographer of Letters From Home, and spends over 250 days a year on the road, honoring veterans, active military and their families by reviving patriotism through music. From a small garage office in 2008, Erinn passionately founded First in Flight Entertainment, an event production and entertainment company that now has offices in North Carolina and Chicago, and produces year-round events in all 50 states. With partner Rosina Whitfield, Erinn created the NC Triad Theatre League, a non-profit alliance of theatrical organizations dedicated to collaboration for the arts.

In Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 
Erinn is also a published author, playwright, motivational speaker, and lover of life. Erinn founded the non-profit organization, Spring Theatre in 2013, and produces inspiring youth and community theatrical productions year round.

Own your story. Share it with the world. Humans crave story in all it's glory... the joy... the pain... the triumphs... the sorrow. Learn to own your story on your path.

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