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Second Layer storytelling Workshops with Oaklawn's TIP Program


The Second round of storytelling Workshops at Oaklawn completed last Sunday. The young persons in the Transition to Independence program have really embraced the Five Layers of Story philosophy of MyPath. The desire to share stories to help others is strongly emerging . This desire to help is a hallmark of the Fourth Layer of Story. Inherent in the desire to help with our stories is the confidence to say "I own this story now" and is a signal of healing on the part of the storyteller. A wonderful aspect of MyPath's Workshop practice is that the evidence of healing is implicit in such decisions to help and allows dignity and grace for the storyteller as compared to explicit dialogue about their healing journey on their path through the Five Layers.Next week our participants will be sharing their crafted  stories in a presentation show at Oaklawn for a limited audience.

After a successful completion of the First Layer of Story Workshop with Oaklawn's Transition to Independence participants, MyPath Facilitators Stacey Garcelon and Roger Batton are scheduling the next Five Layers Storytelling Workshop. Many of the First group of participants will be returning along with new participants. Life Trials and trauma can make our paths lonely and dark, yet when we come together in a safe place and hold space for one another by truly hearing and caring as our stories are crafted and told we experience illumination, dispelling loneliness and darkness. MyPath is grateful for our ongoing alliance and opportunity to contribute to Oaklawn's Transition to Independence Program.

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MyPath Facilitator Certification Launch. The Facilitator Certification campaign launched this week on Zoom. We have added candidates and our cohort is now up to seven. We have meetings scheduled on both Monday and Thursday evenings to allow for optimum scheduling choices for our group. Each candidate will compose and perform a story from each of the Five Layers. We are meeting on Zoom because of the geographical locations we all reside in. Some of our final performances will be, by necessity, conducted on Zoom, but it is our intention to hold as many live performances as we can. These storytellers have long histories with MyPath and we urge you to watch our website and Facebook/Instagram pages for ways to attend these performances.

October marks the beginning of MyPath's Certification of five additional Facilitators. These Facilitators will utilize MyPath's materials and methods as they independently offer Five Layers of Story Workshops/Performances in their regions to Mental Health Providers as well as the general public. This marks an exciting expansion of MyPath's reach as a midwestern resource for storytelling bibliotherapy and entertainment.


MyPath Bibliotherapy of Three Oaks, MI, in conjunction with Oaklawn, the community mental health center for Elkhart and St. Joseph counties in Indiana, and SJC Cares, St. Joseph County’s system of care, announce the launch of the Storytelling for Youth Initiative, scheduled to start this spring. This Initiative is designed by MyPath to coach youth members of Oaklawn’s Transition to Independence program in the art of storytelling. MyPath’s methodology is based on the Five Layers of Story Philosophy. The participants use story craft to shape personal experiences at various life stages into performance ready personal narratives, then share on stage before a live audience. The Storytelling for Youth initiative will include two Storytelling Workshops and Performances for all participants. Included in the Initiative will be enriched storytelling experiences for three Oaklawn staff members, resulting in their certification as Certified MyPath Bibliotherapy Facilitators. The Storytelling for Youth Initiative is created for Oaklawn by Roger Batton, Managing Director of MyPath Bibliotherapy. 

From Roger Batton, Managing Director of MyPath. “This partnership between MyPath and Oaklawn creates a meaningful opportunity for these young folks to take a big step forward on their path to ownership of their stories and share them with the world. We at MyPath are grateful to Oaklawn for this partnership and their trust and confidence in MyPath and all of our associates.” More information about MyPath Bibliotherapy can be found at

MyPath Mission

  • To provide bibliotherapy for individuals and communities having experienced trauma.

  • To provide learning experiences and performance opportunities in the art of storytelling.

  • To provide resources to individuals and communities affected by mass trauma.

Ethics Statement

  • Through supportive peer-based Workshops, MyPath provides a space and a structure for participants to explore stories emerging from the stages of their lives. 

  • The bibliotherapy benefits of MyPath’s Workshop Process emerge from sharing stories together in a structured safe environment and then crafting those stories for performance.

  • MyPath Bibliotherapy is not traditional therapy and persons seeking or in need of professional therapy will be referred to certified providers.

  • All MyPath Facilitator’s and coaches operate as Mission guided “servant leaders” by putting the participant’s storytelling experience first, ahead of any personal objective the leader may have.

What is MyPath Bibliotherapy?

In human experience story is universal. Every one of us have our stories and share our stories. Our path through life is defined by the stories of our experiences. Bibliotherapy simply means "healing through story." Discover the roots of your story in the world you were born into. Revisit the stories given to you as small child on through adolescence when you started creating your own story. Some of us have overcome difficulty or challenges with stories to share of their path to triumph and success. Others may have experienced trauma or adverse childhood experiences. The MyPath Bibliotherapy process reveals and heals your stories at their source. Through storytelling you become a force for healing and empowerment as you walk your path into the future.

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