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MyPath News Update

MyPath's leadership has made the decision to go on hiatus so we may work on other long term projects which our schedule of Workshops and Performances have not allowed us to do so. For the past eight and one half years our success has absorbed our creative energies and the time is now to turn that energy to matters that can only be successful with sustained, committed effort and focus. We appreciate your support and participation and look forward to reconnecting at some future time. Thank you ~ Roger

MyPath’s storytelling project with Oaklawn is concluded. It was an illuminating and rewarding project. I am in awe of the courage and creativity of the young persons who participated. So thankful for this experience.

MyPath Mission

  • To provide bibliotherapy for individuals and communities having experienced trauma.

  • To provide learning experiences and performance opportunities in the art of storytelling.

  • To provide resources to individuals and communities affected by mass trauma.

Ethics Statement

  • Through supportive peer-based Workshops, MyPath provides a space and a structure for participants to explore stories emerging from the stages of their lives. 

  • The bibliotherapy benefits of MyPath’s Workshop Process emerge from sharing stories together in a structured safe environment and then crafting those stories for performance.

  • MyPath Bibliotherapy is not traditional therapy and persons seeking or in need of professional therapy will be referred to certified providers.

  • All MyPath Facilitator’s and coaches operate as Mission guided “servant leaders” by putting the participant’s storytelling experience first, ahead of any personal objective the leader may have.

What is MyPath Bibliotherapy?

In human experience story is universal. Every one of us have our stories and share our stories. Our path through life is defined by the stories of our experiences. Bibliotherapy simply means "healing through story." Discover the roots of your story in the world you were born into. Revisit the stories given to you as small child on through adolescence when you started creating your own story. Some of us have overcome difficulty or challenges with stories to share of their path to triumph and success. Others may have experienced trauma or adverse childhood experiences. The MyPath Bibliotherapy process reveals and heals your stories at their source. Through storytelling you become a force for healing and empowerment as you walk your path into the future.

Please help us in our Mission by:

  • Volunteering your time.

  • By making a donation.

  • By sharing our Mission on social media.

The MyPath Bibliotherapy Process...

Learn storytelling craft, take

ownership, share your stories with

the world


own the path ahead...
Say the word...

To make a direct donation, please go our registered charity page:

Why should I donate?

MyPath Bibliotherapy is a 501(c)3 Public Charity. All donations are tax deductible. Revenue from productions fund the operation of MyPath and, more importantly... establishes support resources for individuals, families and communities affected by mass trauma. Please add your support to the MyPath Mission because...

Every story deserves to be heard!

Own your story. Share it with the world. Humans crave story in all its glory... the joy... the pain... the triumphs... the sorrow. Learn to own your story on your path.
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